Event augmented reality

Dreamwall has developed a product to add Augmented Reality during sports events. This technology enables you to spice up your sports production and to create business opportunities thanks to extra advertising possibilities.

Our system can be implemented on one or several cameras. It is up to the production to choose the cameras they want to “upgrade”.  A tracking system and a rendering engine have to be integrated into those cameras. Dreamwall can take over the total workflow, from the stadium 3D modeling, the graphic design to setup and live operations.

This technology also offers the option to send the “dirty” signal on different feeds and thus to geographically segment the sponsors’ targets. You can add various advertising content depending on the country/continent where it will be broadcasted.

The graphic representation comes in 4 different axes that can be applied together or separately :

  • Editorial : score display, team line-up, fresco of goal scorer …
  • Branding : LED strips, virtual screen, virtual boarding led, possibility to add any 3D imagined element (car behind the goal on the ground for instance).
  • Entertainment : firework, banner, flag, airship, virtual extensions (dome, additional stands, …).
  • Virtual fans : animated and adapted to the size of the stand.


Here again, DreamWall offers a complete channel of production from 3D AR design to production with Reality – Zero Density