An Avartar as a talent for weather report!

An avatar presents the weather at the RTBF: a new technical feat made by DreamWall.

On December 21, 2021, a new way of presenting the weather was born! A weather avatar landed on RTBF.

This project appeared as part of a solidarity program organised by the RTBF, where 3 presenters locked up in a cube for 144 hours. Hours in which they face many challenges to raise funds for families in difficulty.

One of these challenges was to present the weather from the cube and in the real weather studio.
DreamWall’s technical skills have therefore been solicited. It took many hours for the teams to create this virtual character, so that it would be as similar as possible to the presenter.

This avatar is the result of the combination of a set of skills mastered by DreamWall:
In addition to weather data management and virtual shooting, motion capture added to the production expertise, in collaboration with our partner Magic Loom for motion capture. In addition, the avatar is the result of a development carried out by the teams in the Unreal Engine, game engine. The avatar was imported and combined with the movements recorded by the motion capture in order to create the final animation. The whole embellished with particles also generated in the game engine and transposed into the weather setting, renewed in 2020 by the graphic teams of Dreamwall too.

The time to carry out this project was counted: 2 months from the creation of the idea to the final broadcast in the studio. It was also necessary to assess different constraints. On-site preparation time was very short, with the risk of interference due to waves and transforming the cube into a weather report shooting space, which could cause problems with tracking in space, and the integration of weather data. All of this, respecting the important health standards of the moment.

Sara had prepared for the exercise, she had been accompanied by a weather presenter, followed the process of preparing a weather report, making maps and using the virtual studio long before she entered the cube. Practically, it was imperative that the presenter become familiar with the movements and gestures used in a virtual studio.
On the day of the shooting, Sara was equipped with a motion capture suit, she was briefed on the weather conditions of the day, and the tour was played!
This experience was a real success and is perhaps a first in the development of hybrid weather reports!