World Cup on TF1 … a Belgian Story

DreamWall sets up on the sport market with the biggest sport event of the year.

The Belgian company from Charleroi was chosen by the 1st European TV channel,

TF1,  to deliver virtual sets extension and scenography for “Le Mag » presented by Denis Brogniart, a daily night show that debriefs matches of the FIFA World Cup.

The virtual scenes produced by Dreamwall impressed lot of viewers and has been massively relayed on Social networks.

In order to complete these high-end live virtual effects, Dreamwall involves Reality from Zero Density – the most realistic and innovative virtual technology based on Unreal Engine.

A Virtual Immersion in Russia

Knowing our expertise and our brand range of skills, TF1 entrusted DreamWall with the creation of virtual sets for their daily show “le mag” reporting about the FIFA World Cup.

Therefore the Belgian firm delivered virtual extension set, augmented reality and immersive virtual sequences to TF1 sports producers.

  • A unique Set in the World

The real set – designed by Studio 40 for TF1 – gives the illusion to be placed inside the virtual stadium of Sotchi with its 30,000 supporters virtual as well.

The use of two 3D real time engines for this set extension allows also to get the right perspective and depth from points of view related to the crane camera movements.

This is a technical achievement that has never been reached before in this field of action.

The set allows also “tifo” animations of supporters that vary between matches according to the two teams that are playing or the team discussed on the set.

The stadium has been built in two different versions : day and night.

A “living” set that is entirely interacting with the editorial board, and the artistic direction of TF1. The virtual stadium is also able to relay messages or logos in real time on the set.

  • A stadium and more

In addition to the stadium, virtual sequences recreate French football team base camp in Russia. So that Denis Brogniart (presenter) goes from the real set to several virtual sets as for example Antoine Griezmann’s bedroom, team’s physio room, sport room, eating room, changing rooms in Louzhniki, or the inside the bus travels. In order to get the most realistic result, Dreamwall sent photographers for shooting in Russia to help Unreal artists building the scenes.

  • An original team presentation and various virtual effects

For the team presentation, the presenter finds himself on the football field among the players of the French team. A presentation in Augmented Reality that shows the tactical line-up chosen by the trainer. A composition that allows the presenter to circulate between the players silhouette provided by FIFA… More effects are to discover daily to July 15th

An almost complete immersion into the Russian scenery, made possible by Dreamwall involving Reality from Zero Density, the most innovative (2017 IBC Award) and realistic technology based on Unreal 4 Engine.