TIBI, a new kind of production

Upon TIBI 7Oth anniversary, DreamWall was involved in an unusual projet.

TIBI is a public enterprise of waste management located in Charleroi. For its 70th anniversary, the compagny decided to change name and organized a large reception to celebrate this change and its anniversary.

For this event DreamWall was asked to create five virtual environements reproducing the main sites of waste managing. In order for it to be the set in which official guests would take place for their speech during the reception.

Working on these sets was an interserting experience as 2 of the sets were already existing places which was easier, one is in the process of being transformed and the two others were non exting places yet. This was the complicated aspect of the project, it meant that our teams needed to be creative and needed to be meticulous about the client’s will.

In addition to that, Keywall‘s big set was used a the hosting place for the reception. An remarkable event for KeyWall and DreamWall, that it stays excptionnaly.