Zombillenium, the end !

This friday, we sent our last shot on feature film “Zombillenium” !    As usual, we left a hole in the ceiling.

Warm thanks to all the team that collaborated on the project during 19 months.

Some information :

  • Start in July 2015,
  • Modeling, texturing and rigging on props and sets done by DreamWall
  • 1 265 seconds of animation on the movie,
  • 1 878 days of modeling,
  • 3 465 working days.

Thanks to you all : Adrien, Andrea, Arno, Aymeric, Benedicte, Christophe, Corinne, Daniel M et Daniel G, Dominique, Emilie, Emmanuel, Enguerran, Gabriel, Guionne, Jerome, Julien, Kevin, Killian, Laura, Marie, Marie-Laure, Matthieu, Michael, Nicolas V,  Nicolas SR, Nicolas E, Nicolas M, Pauline, Rafael, Randi, Romain, Samir, Stefaan, Stephane, Tatiana, Thierry, Timothee et Valentin.