Asterix, it’s completed!

AsterixLast friday, the team working on Astérix finished the animation of the movie…
After several months of intensive work, the animation of the movie “Asterix: The Mansions of the Gods” is completed.

The work started more than a year ago, our studios in Marcinelle  and Grid (located in Ghent) created 45 minutes of footage. At this moment, there is still rendering, lighting, compositing and special effects to be done.

This movie is very promising in terms of image quality, scenario. It also features a great cast for the voice-over with actors: Jack Whitehall as Asterix, Nick Frost as Obelix, Greg Davies as The Centurion, Matt Berry as Vitalstatistix…

This length film was co-produced by M6 Studio / Belvision / M6 Films / SNC / Grid Animation/ les Editions Albert René and Goscinny-Uderzo.

The movie should come out in movie theaters for november 26th. Untill then, you can discover a short preview of the movie as presented at Annecy last week: and the making of the movie via: